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When you need information and unbiased advice, turn to the local expert with years of experience and a name you can trust. We are independent insurance advisors and work for you, not an insurance company.  We answer all you questions.  All insurance companies are required to compete for your business.  We promise no sales hassles and we do all the paperwork! Find out why Idaho doctors like working with us!

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Life has never been busier. And it's amazing how the little things can take up your time! But booking your next consult shouldn't be one of them. Don't worry--I NEVER try to SELL insurance to doctors.  If you want help learning and getting the best coverage that's where I come in.  I love problem solving and creating innovative solutions. Let's have a virtual consult and get you the peace of mind you deserve.

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Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is also known as income protection or paycheck protection.  You may have some group coverage if you work for a hospital system or medical practice.  Generally the limits of those policies is NOT enough to maintain you and your family's lifestyle if you are disable.  We have companies compete to provide you the best physician specific "own occupation" coverage for the least cost.  Compare  and save today!

Doctor and spouse expecting a child and how they will use term life insurance for family protection.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is pure insurance to protect loved ones should you prematurely pass away.  It is NOT expensive cash value or whole life insurance.  Rates are super competitive and we can give you an instant comparison.  We make insurance companies compete for your business and you get to choose the winner.  we promise NO sales hassles and we do the paperwork! Get a multi-company competitive quote today.

Doctors First

At We Protect Doctors, we are committed to you and your loved ones by protecting your income. You may have referred to us by your financial planner.  Or you possibly saw us at one of the many Ada County Medical Society and Southwest Idaho Medical Society events we sponsor. 

  • We help doctors shop for and buy the best insurance for the least amount of money.
  • We require all insurance companies to compete for your business and you pick the winner. 
  • You receive expert, unbiased advice. Learn more about how we can help you.  We take the hassles out of getting coverage. 
  • We promise no sales pressure and we will do all the paperwork for you!
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These Insurers Specialize in Protecting Physicians...

I recommend:  

1. Own-Occupation / Specialty Specific 

2. No Mental Nervous Exclusion

3. Cost of Living %

4. Increasing Coverage over your career



Accidents happen, and we can’t always anticipate if or when we’ll be diagnosed with an illness, condition, or injury, which is why it’s important to have a disability policy that will help you pay your bills in the event that you can’t collect your normal paycheck from work.  See the amazing story of Dr. Feranmi Okanlami after he was injured as a resident (only 3 1/2 min long).

The Standard

Standard is consistently one of the most popular insurers for physicians.  You might want to take a look at this brief 3 minute video on the basics of disability insurance.  

Ohio National

Attention Residents!  I have all companies compete, but Ohio National usually gives the most affordable coverage for residents.  You may want to listen to this "The Whitecoat Investor" podcast by Dr. James Dahle  entitled Resident Physician FInancial Mistakes.


Here is a good video on the basics of disability insurance.  It is only a bit over 2 minutes long. 

Mass Mutual

Are you in a specialty that relies on fine motor skills?  This is a wake-up call video by Dr. Robert Kramer who obtained disability insurance only a few months before suffering a disability.  Also a good 2 minute overview of disability insurance.


If you are going into an independent practice different types of disability coverage can help sustain personal income as well as helpkeep the practice afloat.  This is an interesting  7 minute story if you share that entrepreneurial bent.

Virtual Consult

We're all juggling busy schedules (then throw in COVID-19). That's why I'm constantly looking for new ways to make life easier for my clients! Scheduling a call or video consult is now convenient and hassle-free with my online booking platform. Whether you struggle to call during normal working hours or prefer to do everything digitally, you can make a booking anytime you like, right here on my website. Just find a time that suits you then confirm your booking with a click.  Thanks!
Ronald Mesler, JD, AIF

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